Hungarian Rawpsody

Raw by Anique

Some like it hot... I'm loving it raw! ;-)

And some like it just like life! ;-)

Sometimes sweet & sour.

Sometimes maybe too spicy.

But always exciting, never boring.

Hungarian salami

(Raw vegan spicy pepperoni)

All rights reserved ;-)



1 cup of fresh thai coconut, blended or 1 cup of macadamia nuts (cashew for a not fully raw version) blended with some water.

5-6 sundried tomato

3 sundried plum

1 clove of garlic

2 red bell pepper

2 tbsp of nama shoyu or Bragg's liquid aminos

1 tbsp olive oil with hot pepper

1/2 tsp paprika (powder)

1/3 tsp cumin



Cut in pieces the plum and the sundried tomatoes, (There is no need to soak )

Blend all ingredients for 30 seconds. It does not need to be smooth.

You can add a tbsp of psyllium husk if you feel like.

This quantity will make you about 20 salami slices. 1 tbsp will make 1 slice.


Dehydrate for 8 hours. (After 4 hrs you can turn it on the other side)




Zucchini paprikash


Serves 2 persons


4 zucchini chopped

6-8 tomatoes diced

1 white onion cut in 4 then in thin slices

Salt, pepper

Hot pepper (green) in thin slices

Paprika 1 tbsp

Smoked paprika (pinch, optional)

Cumin (pinch, optional)

Basil (optional)




Prepare our basic marinating sauce: 1 tbsp of olive oil (cold pressed) and 1 tbsp of raw tamari or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.

You can substitute Shoyu with Apple cider vinegar.


I like to use a plastic box, close it, and sometimes shake.

Add some paprika and smoked paprika, too.

Be careful with smoked paprika, you need only a little bit, too much will make your dish bitter.

I use Thermomix for this recipes, so I just put inside my marinated onions, the courgette and the tomatoes chopped.


Let it run without knife for 10 minutes, at 37° adding your spices and salt if you feel like. Paprika is very important. I like it hot and spicy so just add hot pepper and cumin. That's all. Very simple. (If you don't have a Thermomix, you can press a little bit your tomatoes with a fork, or use your food processor then heat it in the dehydrator or oven.)


Buon appétit!


Cheesy sour cream & potato gnocchi


3-4 persons

Our gnocchi is:

1 jicama :-)


Prepare the "gnocchi" from the jicama, with an

apple seed remover as the slide shows below.


The rest will easily become "rice" for tomorrow's lunch

in the food processor.

You can leave it in your dehydrator for a couple of hours,

but it's not really necessary.


Sour cream:


1 cup of macadamia nuts

1 clove of garlic

1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice


1/2 a cup of water


Blend until smooth and creamy.

Sprinkle on the top some raw pistachio cheese.

(that is simply 1/2 a cup of raw pistachio nuts

grinded with a small clove of garlic and some salt.

This is your raw parmesan :-))

That's all :-)

Update your diet!




Hungarian quark speciality


Ingredients: 4 persons


2 cups of soaked macadamia nuts

2 lemons, squeezed

1 cup of water

salt to taste

1/2 cup of soaked sundried tomatoes (optional)

1/2 red or yellow pepper

paprika (hint) (it is mostly for the color, so if you used a red pepper

you can leave it out)

1 small spoon of cumin

1 onion diced

How to:

Blend all ingredients without the onions

thit you will add in small pieces after blending.

That's all.

Enjoy! :-)

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Because Raw Food should be for everyone. Simple and plain as it is.

Just Raw.