Story of a baby lamb

Raw by Anique

Some like it hot... I'm loving it raw! ;-)


The Story of a baby lamb ;-(


Vegetarian? Vegan? Rawtarian? Fruitarian?


Your choice.

It's you! Who decided to change your life for the better!

Make the best of it!

Because you're worth it!

Out of the Box!



About Gordon Ramsay

This is a 17 week old lamb baby.

Look, how he smiles.

How he trusts him.

He is going to be killed.

You know why?

For food.

For "haute cuisine"...

What my thoughts are about it?

I think that he is a monster....


Yet...Some understand that it's horror and has nothing to do with anything else.

Friends, not food... ;-(

He even involved his 4 children.

I wonder what kind of new generation this man is giving to the world.

Because Raw Food should be for everyone. Simple and plain as it is.

Just Raw.