Raw by Anique

Some like it hot... I'm loving it raw! ;-)

To be or not to be. To live or not to live. Dead or alive.

That is the question.




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Blissful ignorance!

Heaven on Earth!

Unfortunately ignorance is not an option I would ever choose and I also have my own thoughts about what real Heaven on Earth could mean.

This Planet, the ecosystem, animals, trees, flowers, all plants, and man itself has already been created by someone else.

Call it Nature, call it the Big Bang, you can call it God, or the Creator, Higher Intelligence, it does not change a lot.

You have to admit anyway: It's done.

Someone else has already done the job.

You might like it or not, your choice.

A huge work like this should be respected anyways, even if someone claims it all has been finished in a week.

So I wonder:


It's like discussing your parent's job when creating you.

There is not much to it.

And now let's get back to us.


Let's get back to where I wanted to arrive, our theme: GMO

What's this stuff?

A genetically modified organism .


An organism is an organism. Modify?

Why should you?

Why would you?

As we mentioned before, someone before us has already created it.

Oh, sorry, I forgot!

I forgot to mention that there are certain people who think about themselves as God, so they decided to change the whole system.

Yes, now I remember, I saw these things in horror films sometimes.

Disgusting animals, strange beings, all very aggressive fight against humanity.

It's time to change the channel in television, ain’t I right?

But that was in my childhood.

Now, that I grew up, as an adult I have to deal with reality: This thing is really happening.

The imagination of those film creators is not any more that far from reality.


Let me see.

First they created a fluorescent fish!

Very intelligent!

Very useful, indeed!

A fish, that shows to all bigger fishes where to find and eat him.


A real genius was needed to transform reality “for better”

My compliments to this extraordinary man!


Then comes an other world-changing invention:

The blue rose.


Thanks God you invented it!

If I ever change my mind about marriage, you will be the first man I will consider.

I really wouldn't know, how to go on living without you.

Something was missing in my life.

Those red ones were so boring!

Oh, you! Gorgeous inventor of the blue rose!

You worth all the money you are earning in that laboratory!



And now You, Mr. Genius, who invented the first GMO mammal…

A rat…

How could we ever thank you for this?

Your job is so precious!

Indeed, I've been thinking day by day about this huge problem!

There were not enough rats around.

Please God send us someone who creates some more of these cute precious animals!

Thank you!

Great job!

Mice, rats, rabbits, sheep, pigs!


A faster growing fish!

What makes you growing faster?



I'm just sitting here admiring this wonderland!


And now! One of my favorites: Dairy cows!

“Genetically engineered, with genes for human beings to produce milk that will be the same as human breast milk!”

Oh, how mothers will love it!

Young mothers! Why not sustain GMO?

You can forget your problems, no more plastic surgery after pregnancy!

You get a cow, keep it in your dining room and whenever your baby cries for your milk, you can simply put your little newborn love on the cow's breast to feed it.

What an invention!

This will save you money and energy!

No more waking up in the night!

You could directly leave your child with the cow and go to sleep with your husband.

He would be grateful!

So from now on for the question:

“Honey! What should I buy for you for our first wedding anniversary, I want to make you happy! –

the common answer will be this:

Oh my one and only love! Thank you for asking me.

As we were thinking about having our first child, please buy me a cow.

That is what I dream about!

That would mean more than a diamond ring for me.


Even Omega 3 fatty acid intake has been solved in a laboratory.

Welcome the new Omega pig!

Modified genetically by a roundworm gene.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Now you got it!

I really didn't know until now what was missing from my diet.

Roundworm is the answer!

My body was desperately begging for it.


And then:

Corn, canola, soybeans, sugar beet...


Let me tell you something.

You will let me believe first that roundworm is something that will be good for me then this Herbicide resistance BS nonsense.


Do you really think I am nuts?

You create plants, crops, that kill all creatures that fly nearby?

Silence of death surrounding them.

And you are telling me I should eat them because they were not treated with herbicides???


Why don't YOU eat your stuff?

You feed animals with dead GMO corn and you are trying to convince the world that it helps economy?


Yours, maybe!


Dear reader!

You might be asking now, what's this huge business around GMO.

A seed is a seed, plants will always create millions and millions of new seeds.

What's all this fuss?

First thing actually that these organisms are subject to intellectual property law.

You remember the story of God?

Well, actually he didn't put “All rights reserved” to his seeds as these GMO men do.







Now, it's your choice to buy them and eat them.

What you will become eating dead food is none of my personal worries.

Your choice to buy meat, knowing that those animals were feed with dead food for their entire miserable life.

(apart from all the rest of the horror of meat industry)


Remember the old story?

You are what you eat!

Wanna smell from strawberries?

Want a skin like an apricot?

Be desired like a "first in season" peach?

Want the freshness of an apple?

Wanna be juicy like an orange?

Sweet like a pear?

Passionate like a mango?

Colorful like berries?

Heavenly designed like a grape?

Full of energy like a lemon?

Refreshing like a watermelon?

Exotic like physalis?

Full of fantasy like a passion fruit?

Lovely like an ananas?

Strong like a coconut?

Satisfying like a banana?...




You, Choicetarian!

The choice is yours.


I've already made mine.

Why you should NOT buy my books? Because I will give you all my recipes for free, you simply ask for any help and I will be glad to be by your side on the way to raw food.

So why then?

The only reason you should buy my books can be that you enjoy my recipes and respect my work, time, energy and money invested in spreading the raw vegan culture.

For this planet, for sparkling health of everyone and for the world that surrounds us.

That's all!

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Thank you.



Because Raw Food should be for everyone. Simple and plain as it is.

Just Raw.