B12 and D

Raw by Anique

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Let's get worried



Why not get worried.



People really like to get worried.

I see so often vegans and raw vegans worrying for nutrients that might be missing from their body.

Mostly B12 and Vitamin D.

And some others (highly intellectual!) say that man was not born to be vegan because these things are missing from the vegetable based diet.



You must be kidding!

You say the Creator (Universe) will not feed vegans well enough.

So what happens if I have to supplement B12 and Vitamin D?

You are saying that we should worry?

I always wondered why people who eat healthy check so precisely their vitamin intake.

I’m convinced that it’s the average people who should worry.

If I eat a vegetable raw pasta with raw veggie ragout while you have a white flour pasta with ovecooked corpses,

I think, it is You!, who is missing the nutrients.

And if I eat a raw cake with nuts and seeds, lemon and other fresh or dried fruits, while you have your cake prepared with white flour and white sugar, maybe some artificial flavour, it is again You!, who will miss the vitamins and minerals.

No, not me.

But you! Mr Intelligence…

Someone should explain me once how come every time you tell someone that you are a vegan, they immediately become experts in nutrition. ???

So please stop asking about my protein and I will stop asking about your cholesterol!

And now let’s get back to B12.

Yes, animal flesh has it, because they eat poop, dirty plants and drink dirty water.

Our ancestors didn’t wash everything like we do.

And what’s more they had fermented food on their menu.

I don’t even mention Vitamin D. Whenever I have the opportunity to enjoy sunshine, I do.

I eat fermented food, and I drink water kefir.















I even prepare “milk kefir” from raw nut milk.














And I don’t worry about vitamins.

Because I feel good!

And yes, a vegan might take these few supplements


You will need to take all the rest.

Oh yes, you have perfect B12 sources.

Corpses, shit in intestines you eat in “gourmet” dishes or embrios, coming out from the ass of a chicken.

So sorry, it is not an ass, it is called cloaca.

Know why? Because chickens only have one hole.

And everything comes out from there. Pee, poo, vaginal fluid… Everything.

And sometimes right after an egg something else comes out from this “all in one” hole and covers the egg.

But it’s not the chicken’s fault. She only has this.

How could she ever think that someone is going to collect her embrios, covered with shit and pee, and prepares them for breakfast?

Because probably that was your breakfast,

while I had some mangos, oranges and passion fruit.

Because you are what you eat…..

I have nothing left to say.






Because Raw Food should be for everyone. Simple and plain as it is.

Just Raw.