Raw by Anique

Some like it hot... I'm loving it raw! ;-)

Out of the box! Welcome!



How it comes to raw food?.............

Well it has to do with veganism, with health, with poison free living, with fresh skin (that is somewhere always a goal of a raw foodist anyway)

It has to do with the environment, not giving our money to companies who are involved in animal cruelty. The truth is that sometimes they declare themselves to be "clean" of animal testing blood, but the fact is that they might use products that have been tested by someone else.

And that has nothing to do with energy that I want in my life.

Home made natural cosmetics have ingredients that are being tested from the ancient times.

Our grand - grand -grandmothers tested it.

Rose water does not need to be proved in a laboratory.


One sunny spring day I decided to go to a course where these things are thought by professionists.

Only eco-bio ingredients combined with professional skin care.

That was exactly what I needed, the very thing that I wished for. :-)

I have a particular care for my skin.

I love my skin.

Now it looks younger than 30 years ago.

By the way many of you are asking me how old I am.

I am 49.

Have a look at a picture when I was "young"

A young, smoking meat eater.





















30 years passed by.

And now look at my picture now.

Quite a big difference.... isn't it?


Be sure to check back, this is a brand new section of my website, I will be coming soon with recipes for skin care.

Simple and easy things.

From now on you can create your own "professional skin products" at home.

Lip balm

Eye contour

Skin care

Body lotions


Hand creme

Moisturizing lotions

Flower tonic and more.

I will tell you how I clean my face and all about my daily routine.

Are you interested?

Just come back to me!


No more expensive wrinkle treatments and no more having doubts if they were tested on animals.

Preparing everything with your hands will have your energy.

That sparkling, positive energy that you already enjoy by eating raw, alive food!

Any questions you have on the road to your clean beauty, just let me know and I will do my best to help you.

With love







With all respect, I must tell you something. I think the Internet has gone a little too far. Sometimes I read articles about home made stuff that I really don't understand how people can believe those could work. Let me show you an example.

Home made sunscreen:

These housewife webpages tell you how to create from vegetable oils a sunscreen.

I wonder if they're all gone mad.



Most vegetable oils miss UV protection, yet I agree, some of them, like wheat germ oil have some...

but the problem is something else.

Heat will destroy these oils, they go rancid to form free radicals that initiate the process on the skin a chain of peroxidation. Irritation phenomena, stains and irregularities, dryness, blight,

in short all typical damage by excess free radicals that we usually avoid;

the damage may not be immediately visible but surely arrives with time:

when our skin despite all treatmets will have difficulties it may be time to think back what you used as a

sun lotion.


Boiling vegetable oil.

It is enough to think how hot our skin is under the sun, to imagine the olive oil frying.

No, no potatoes but your skin!

Solar oils on the market are usually not based on vegetable oil but on synthetic oils,

even if of vegetable origin, those oils are stabilized and are more resistant to heat.

It is none f my intentions to have a dry, withered, matured skin.

What about you?...







A time to kiss....


With no garlic and onion smell...



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So why then?

The only reason you should buy my books can be that you enjoy my recipes and respect my work, time, energy and money invested in spreading the raw vegan culture.

For this planet, for sparkling health of everyone and for the world that surrounds us.

That's all!

Thank you.


Because Raw Food should be for everyone. Simple and plain as it is.

Just Raw.