Raw by Anique

Some like it hot... I'm loving it raw! ;-)

Let's get cocodicted!


Sito italiano:


Magyar honlap:

Raw vegan bacon

Ingredients: Nama shoyu or Bragg's liquid aminos, fresh young coconut.

Spray the sauce on the coconut slices and dehydrate for 8 hrs. (42 °)

That's all!

No animals hurt. ♥

No unhealthy fats.

No preservatives.

Enzimes stay alive ♥

Great flavor.


Coconut kefir & coconut yogurt



250 g fresh coconut meat

250 g water

1 lemon juiced.

If you have a huge lemon from Sicily like I do;

use 350 g, 350 g :-)

Normally 1 fresh young coconut will give you around 150 g of coconut meat, but you never know ;-)


Now add:

2 tbsp of water kefir grains

Let it sit for 14-16 hrs

Now blend again with the kefir grains.

For a yogurt feeling simply add some pink salt.

If you want a kefir drink, add some more water. :-)

That's all...

Coming soon!

Focaccia italiana!

Because Raw Food should be for everyone. Simple and plain as it is.

Just Raw.